Desguaces a poco

This collection of images pursues the space between terminal decay, and reuse. Junkyards serve as a layer cake graveyard for our machines and objects, sometimes ending up pulverized into the rusty soil beneath them, other times picked down to their skeletons. In these images I am looking for the groping edge of life that these objects balance on.

Renacer por nadie – digital color

This collection of images is intended as a turn towards color as a source of revitalization. Conversion to black and white seems to add to the death of these objects and focus on their state of decay. In searching for their colors I have found a sense of life that certain objects retain, as if a bright refusal to decay, or at times a subtle natural gray scale amongst a chaotic background. The colors speak also to a specific design or period of the object’s birth, placing it in time, that of a more present, or recent past.

Industry and Product

This collection of images seeks a broader view of disposed human objects as they come to rest in locations of decay. Surrounding these objects is the landscape they live in with particular details of industry, or in some cases, of activity past. These landscapes possess a harsh character of consumption and waste, and it is this process of obsolescence within personal objects, that connects the trash to its environment. At some point the raw materials necessary to produce these objects could have very well traveled on the same train line, right past these locations that they have come to rest in, having lived an entire human life in between.