Sketches of The Post Industrial Shaman

I have been exploring trash and its’ spaces of decay lately. The images in this collection are not focused on the objects of decay, so much as pulling away and taking a broader view of my work and its’ relationship to the spaces I experience in Worcester. This work could be perceived as process oriented, or site specific, but  it feels more and more like documentary, a harvest of emotions evoked. The process of walking to the site’s end, that of isolation, feels like a documentary of this ambience ubiquitous to the city. In my work of other media, I easily agree to process and site specificity as central, but there is some undeniable sense of document inherent to that of the photographs I have been making over the past year.

This collection takes the broader motive of my body of work, and applies it to the photographic documents that I feel have “less of me,” and “more of the space” in them.

The title “Sketches of The Post Industrial Shaman,” refers to a film I am in the process of creating, and the importance of this photography to the video aspects of my work.


In these images I focused on more subtle details of decay and abandonment. These concepts come in intense and raw forms, but sometimes when distilled down to basic, graphic and formal views, take on a calmer beauty. I feel that this depends very much on a more serene state of mind within the artist.