Por La Barrera

This collection of images focuses on moving closer to home, youth and a sense of playfulness, while still relating them with the decay that can be found surrounding it. There is a spectrum that can be seen within this life cycle, beginning with falling to the ground. The objects are dropped then submitted to the elements, and slowly age into the surroundings, sometimes re-disposed of, bulldozed into piles, crushed and twisted further. Here I have tried to view the space more broadly, from the residence around it, to the piles in it where the objects come to accumulate.

Renacer por nadie – digital color

This collection of images is intended as a turn towards color as a source of revitalization. Conversion to black and white seems to add to the death of these objects and focus on their state of decay. In searching for their colors I have found a sense of life that certain objects retain, as if a bright refusal to decay, or at times a subtle natural gray scale amongst a chaotic background. The colors speak also to a specific design or period of the object’s birth, placing it in time, that of a more present, or recent past.


As I have been coming to understand my own work of all media better, I realize the importance of walking and finding marginalized spaces. The locations where human possessions come to rest and be forgotten seem to draw me to them most. It is the act of traversing these spaces and reading narratives into the objects that inhabit them that drives me to them. The objects of decay reach out to connect with the people that once owned them.

This collection of images is intended to capture the decay and destruction of one of the locations that continues to bring me back to it inexplicably for its objects of rejection.